Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey I'm sending this to both addresses so you guys have a better
chance of getting it. I’m glad you guys are down at the cabin
I wish I could be there too I miss it so much (please fix the
snowmobiles). This week was pretty good. We are still reaping the
fruits of our amazingly successful week a couple weeks ago. We had 3
investigators in sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday and we
have put baptismal dates with 2 of them, a married couple who
is the bishop's cousin and that has helped us so
much. But we are definitely enjoying the work. I completed 4 months
just a few days ago and 5 doesn't seem too far in the future. I only
have 3 more weeks with Elder Llewelyn so we are going to work hard to
get them baptized on the 16th, our last Saturday together.
I think it is going to happen. Another family's baptismal date fell,
but it is very hard to get with them so we have to work hard to meet
with them and to get them married so we can baptize them. That’s
really our only star investigator families. I’m having a lot of fun
but I’m working hard too. We just keep getting deeper and deeper into
the rainy season, I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun but it
had definitely cooled off a ton. It doesn’t rain all the time. Yet.
But the storms are getting worse and worse and there are more and more
every day. Like it looks like it is going to storm in the next hour or
two. I love it though with my little umbrella and my ziplock bags. But
we have our first missionary mall casualty; my backpack strap rubbed
against one of my shirts too much and now there is a hole. I put
packing tape on the strap to prevent this on my other shirts. I'll
send a picture. Everything else is holding up though. I want someone
to look up a lot of spanish jokes for me and send them please the kids
love them and I would love some recipes too especially with rice. And
I want pictures of graduation and stuff that would be nice. Well I
love you all and I hope you all have a great week up at the cabin.
Drive safe and enjoy your summer! Love, Elder Kilts

May 22, 2012

Hey everyone this week was great. Probably my favorite so far on the
mission. We had a new weekly record of 9 news with 4 families this
last week and one of those was the cousin of the bishop here. We got
the reference last Monday and we have taught him 3 times already just
last week. We teach him again tonight and also tomorrow. He can only
go to church every other week so we have to wait 6 weeks to baptize
him. Which I believe he is going to happen. So yeah a very successful
week we were very blessed and guess what we did on last Sunday to have
such a successful week? We had a fast as a zone to be an example to
the rest of the mission and it happened. Fasting really works
hopefully yall can see what it did for us over here.
I think we are almost in the rainy season. Today is pretty dry and hot but all
last week it was just steady rain and little downpours every now and then.
Our house went from a steamy 80 degrees to about 71 or 70. So I like
that. But the big thing today, and the reason I’m writing on Tuesday
is because we went to the temple today! It was so great. We had to get
up at 3:45 to make it on time. We had two elders who stayed the night
in our house because the bus from there area (45 minutes away) doesn’t
run at 5 in the morning. So we got there at about 630 and the session
started at 7. Elder Falabela the area 70 was in the session with us
which was cool and I got to buy lots of stuff at the distribution
center. Lots of DVDs and manuals and pictures and stuff. So it was
pretty sweet. So yeah that was our week in a nutshell.
We’re working hard every day and we are having a great time. We have changes
in about 4 weeks so I may or may not go somewhere else we will see. But
my comp and I are really going to try hard and we are going to start
to see the baptisms in this area. Dad it sounds like things are going
by so fast over there. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I
was graduating. And I wish I could have gone to BYU with you I really
miss that place. And in a couple years you’ll be able to stay in my
apartment if it’s raining haha. And give Bivens my address it’s the
apartado postal 951-a address. Or give him my email too. That’s good
they split the Ogden mission too didn’t it go all the way up to Paris
ID? And I remember Steve I talked to him at the north Sanpete
tournament a couple years ago. Have a great last week and enjoy your
time up in the cabin. I would love to be there with you guys. Mom you
sound like you have enough to keep you busy. What are you going to do
in 2 weeks when all you have to do is get Zack to find a job? Maybe
you can send me some of that cotton candy? Haha but send me pictures
of graduation because I can’t believe it’s already here. But I will
try and write you guys again. Mom could you put $20 in my
account so I can fix all of my pants? We shouldn’t use mission money
for it and its $3 per pair. Thanks! Well I will write you all in a very
short 6 day week from now and just remember I love you all and I pray
for you all many times a day. Have a great week. –Love Elder Kilts

May 14, 2012

We had a great conversation with Elder Kilts on the phone. We put the phone on speaker and sat around and talked together. We all had a minute to talk alone then I had my mom minutes at the end. He sounds in good spirits and has a tiny latino accent that I'm sure will get stronger as time goes by!

Hey it was great to talk to you all yesterday that was probably the
fastest 45 minutes of my life… You guys all sounded so great and it
was great to hear your voices and I’m sure Christmas will be here
before you know it and me, I’ll be talking to you all again. This week
has been hard for some reason. We had a hard time getting members

to leave with us and it just seems like our appointments fell through a
lot. But we have some great plans for this week and the bishop’s wife
called last night and they have a great family for us to teach. So we
are pretty stoked to teach them tonight. And we might get hot water
sometime in the next week or two. We got this thing called a
calientador which is a big shower head that plugs into the electricity
and heats our water instantly. We had one in the old house and it
should be nice to get a hot shower again. And the mission offices
Elder Joshua Kilts
Mision Guatemala Norte
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

And I got both letters today; they both entered the Guatemalan postal
system on the same day even though you sent them two days apart. It
was so great to get letters. The weather here is changing a lot. It
is starting to rain more and more and soon it is just going to rain
all the time. Winter here starts in May. It’s not because it gets
colder (because it doesn’t) it’s because it just rains all the time. I
had probably one of the most weirdest things yesterday to drink at a
member’s house. It was oatmeal (here it’s called ‘’Mush’’) flavored
and it kinda smelled like playdough. But it wasn’t too bad. In the
house we like to drink sprite or orange juice and also Gatorade. I am
so happy they have Gatorade here. There is a store called Pais where
it’s just all imported stuff from the US but we don’t have one in my
zone so I have never been. The closest one is right across the street
from our zone. The street is the zone boundary. But we love to find
American food here. Like Kraft mac and cheese and jiff peanut butter.
And I’ve even found where I can get some kinder brand Swiss chocolate.
We love American stuff here. We eat pizza hut or McDonalds about once
a week, and when we go to the temple we can go to either Wendy’s ihop
or chilis. If you know where to look you can get some good stuff here.
It is definitely great here and I love the work so very much and it’s
so worth the sacrifices. Jake thanks for always keeping me updated on
how much longer I have until I get back, and you all look a little bit
older in those pictures. Except mom and grandma I think you are both
getting younger ;) I love getting pictures and mail too. My companion
loved the pictures of me and him thanks Emily and I will draw you a
picture! Zack you look so grown up in you senior pictures and Sam I
saw that little ‘’gang sign’’ in that one picture haha ;) Jake I can’t
believe mom let you grow your hair out that long. Emily you look just
a bit older but don’t grow up too fast because I’m not there! It was
great talking to you all yesterday and It totally just made my day and
my week. And I can’t believe it’s almost been 4 months! It really does
seem like you guys just dropped me off just barely but I’ve been in
this country for exactly 3 months today! Well that’s about all the
time I have for today and it was so great to get a phone call, letter,
and an email from yall all in like 2 days. Can’t wait till Christmas
to do it again! Have a great week and work hard in school only 2 weeks
left right? Love you all and don’t forget to write!
Elder Kilts

May 7, 2012

Sorry I am getting behind on posting Josh's letters!

Hey everyone how are you all doing? This week has been pretty normal
we are getting settled in to our new house and we are about to go
through my first change. They called with the changes last night and
in my district we only have one leaving and one of our ZLs are
leaving. But I'm excited to be working with Elder Llewelyn for another
6 weeks and we've got some good things happening. We are finally
starting to see some real solid investigators. We have 5 progressing
and about five more that probably will be after we visit again. So we
are starting to see some good success here in Santa Luisa. We have 2
investigators with baptismal dates its just that the we have to get
the mom married before she can get baptized but she has a real desire
she shows up to church every Sunday and I really think its going to
work out for her. But wow has it really been 6 weeks? I'm just thinking
about how fast the next 6 are going to be. My Spanish is definitely
improving. I can understand almost everything people are saying its
just my vocab that holds me back and for me it’s a little more hard to
speak then to hear but I'm working on talking more and Pdays are great
because I get to practice with some of the other Latino elders. I am
really hoping for a Latino comp after this change so that I can maybe
become fluent. But my Spanish and my gospel knowledge are both growing
very quickly. I'm starting to know how to help the people out and I
know how to teach what they need. Its supposed to start raining a lot
here. May is the start of the wet season. We got some really heavy
rain last night but today at least for now it doesn’t look like much
is going to happen. But I guess soon it is just going to rain all of
the time. It really makes our house a sauna because of the humidity
and our house doesn't cool off very well so it is always 80 degrees in
the house. The search continues for a fan. But I really love it here
and the weather is nice and I love the country and the people here.
But it is going to be so much different in the states when I get back
I can promise you that. I'm glad all is well back at home. Dad I'm
pretty jealous you got to go to BYU I really miss that place and it
sounds like the weather was great. What are you going to do with all
that stuff from Hooper especially from the basement? Hope you enjoy
the last few weeks of school and then summer. Mom you guys need to
call at 5pm Sunday afternoon. The times are the same here and there
because they don't do daylight savings.
I'll let you know if I get that mail, and the jellybeans were so yummy!
Life as a missionary is pretty great. I get to share the gospel every
day (almost, my comp was sick and we lost a day) and I get to meet
some of the most amazing people, both members and nonmembers. It feels
great to be teaching and everything all the time it really is
uplifting to do that every day. My best moment so far was probably
when we were with our recent converts that we baptized and he had a
question and the question was how where and when do I pay my tithing.
It just made me so happy to see him so strong in the church already. I
also love seeing investigators and less active members show up to
church on there own its my favorite. To be quite honest I cant believe
school is almost over for you guys and I cant believe Zack is
graduating. It sounds like great things are happening there. Well I
cant wait to hear from you all again and have a fantastic week! Love
–Elder Kilts


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old apartment
New apartment

April 30, 2012

Hey so we don’t get to go to the temple tomorrow… We can only go on
Tuesdays and our ZLs have a meeting tomorrow, so we went to the
central market. Nothing really caught my eye but we got to eat at
Wendy’s and I have a whole 21 months to decide what I want. We should
be going to the temple next change so that should be good but we
definitely enjoyed it in the market. Zone conference was great. We
learned a lot that is going to help us in the work plus the
president’s wife, Hermana Watts, made delicious cinnamon rolls. We finally
got to move into our new house and we just love it. There is a
little more space and it is just soooo much cleaner and has no rats.
And our old house was right by the main road so at about 530 or 6 we
would get woken up by busses and traffic and everything else. In our
new house we are in this guarded residential area and there are no
through roads so it is soooo quiet and I have been getting lots more
rest. The only thing is the shower is cold and the house is very hot.
But we can deal with it. Sometimes the cold water is really refreshing
and it really wakes me up in the morning. It just takes me about a
minute to be able to stand under the water but after that I’m fine. We
put a baptismal date with two people. The one person is a mother and
one of her daughters accepted to so that is our two dates for now. We
just have to get the mother married for her to be baptized so we are
going to try to work with her husband. The zone leaders here actually
had to marry this couple before the husband could be baptized so we got
to see how we could do it and we met a few people to help us with
that. I got your package today thank you all so much it made my day
and I really do appreciate it. I’m so excited to get home and dig into
those jellybeans. I don’t have much more time because I got a slow
computer this week but I’ll try and go through and answer your
questions. Dad it sounds like you had a good time in your AD
conference. Did you get a nice rental car? Are you sure Spencer Richards gets
home in a couple weeks???? What the heck?!?!? Has it really
been 2 years? That scares me haha. And Conner is close too wow. I’m
pretty sure the whole bus thing is okay there’s nothing in the white
handbook and it shows how serious we are about these things haha. Have
fun out in Hooper tell everyone I said hi and tell Michael congrats
for me. Mom I haven’t had fleas yet and we have running water.
Usually. If we don’t one day we either go to another elders house or
we go without or do bucket showers. But no hot water. We don’t need to
boil our water we can buy clean water in there 5 gallon jugs like the
ones they have in water coolers in office buildings. It’s what
everyone uses and it is very safe. They also give all the Central
American missionaries filter bottles so I use that too. And I don’t
have flea collars but I spray myself with off every night. It sounds
like school is almost over and I am so excited for you all. Mother’s
day is actually going to be on the 13th so ill have more info in a
week. That’s all the time I have. Have a great week and enjoy the nice
spring weather!!
Love – Elder Kilts

April 23, 2012

Hey how is everyone doing? We don't get to go to the temple until next
week because we have zone conference on Wednesday and president doesn't
want us to have 2 days in a row with out working. So we should be
going next Tuesday if all goes according to plan. So that should be
our Pday so that is when I will probably email. It sounds like track
is doing good dad. I'm glad you guys don't have to run in the freezing
weather like last year but I honestly can't believe it has been a year.
The time is already starting to fly by. Guess what? this Wednesday I
will have been gone for 3 months! and guess what else? I'll be 1/8 of
the way done with my mission! wow that makes is seem like a lot huh?
Tell Michael i said congrats and I'm really glad he made that decision
to serve a mission. Mom I'll try to answer all of your questions. I'm
doing great and I am healthy and haven't gotten sick yet. I'm not really
too homesick. I mean I miss everyone but I'm definitely enjoying my
time here. For mothers day you guys will be calling our home phone.
They should be sending us information and stuff about it this week so
I will forward it to you. But next week I will have a time for you to
call and you'll call our phone. That’s the only option they don’t let
the missionaries in central America use skype because there are parts
that don’t have it and they want it to be fair. And we eat more than
just mac and cheese but its just easier to do that and pasta plus we
get fed by members often. A really common Guatemalan meal is eggs &
beans with fried platanos and bread. Its pretty good. Tonight were
having fhe with this one family and she is going to make us papusas
which are more el Salvadorian than anything but they are good. And we
have a couple of citas this week where we are going to eat pizza. So
its pretty good here. We have one member that does our laundry every
week so we don’t have to waste 4 or 5 hours of our week. And we are
moving into our new apartment on Friday. The bathroom is in the house
but the only sink is out back. I’ll send pictures and I'll draw a floor
plan for you mom. I haven’t gotten my package or anything else in the
mail. Elder Storey got one today so you can see when his mom sent it.
The mail gets to our ZLs every Friday and we get it Mondays on pday
but we call and ask what we got so its not a surprise on Monday. But
you guys can all send dear elders and mail they are both about the
same time to get here. I send a letter every week but the first week I
forgot to bring it to district meeting to get it sent so you should
get two here soon. And Kody if you are reading this I have had a
letter for you for almost 3 weeks but I didn’t want to send it to
Provo because I knew you guys were almost done with school. Whats your
home address??? Thanks bro. Well it sounds like everything is just
great back in the states. This week was pretty regular we are still
trying to catch the rat on our porch and we are just about ready to
move on Friday! We met with a couple families that we have been trying
to see for at least 2 weeks now, and they both have great potential.
Yesterday at church we had a short little earthquake. Just like on or
two big shakes and nothing else. It was cool and everyone talked about
it yesterday during the day hahaha. I thought a big truck was driving
by until my bench moved. But it was different. I don’t really have any
pictures for this week. I’ll send some from zone conference and from
the temple maybe next week. But the time is definitely starting to fly
by and I am enjoying the work here. I’m so excited for buds leaving on
their missions in the next couple of months and I’m excited to hear
when the rest of you get your calls where you are all going (Dan,
Tanner). Write me letters! Send me dear elders Porfa!


Elder Kilts

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 17, 2012

Well this week was great. The main success was the baptism of the Alvarado family. They were old and so their feet kept coming up out of the water so we had to do the hermano twice and the hermana 4 times. But it felt great and I’m glad I got to be a part of that baptism. We have finally found a new apartment. It is two good sized rooms with a bathroom and a sink out back. It is so nice and clean but we can’t move in until May. We did find out that the person that is kind of the co-landlord is an inactive member and that her family is all non-members. So we will try and work on that, and the new landlord called us and told us in English (because that is his first language) that he is a bishop in Canada and that he really would love it if the missionaries lived there. And the new house is in this nice gated community so it is going to be way nice and quiet. So we just have to live in our house for another couple weeks. We did find a new little friend on our back patio last night. This morning we bought it a cozy little rat trap. And this morning there was no water which actually happens a lot here. So we can either do bucket showers or just stand each other. It does say in the handbook to shower daily IF POSSIBLE.
Anyways we have been pretty busy with the baptism this past week so this week we are going to try and get some baptismal dates and we are going to try and work hard to find more investigators. We are all having a great time here and we are seeing success. I think we might be going to the temple next week but on Tuesday so that will be our Pday. So just in case it isn’t, still write me on Sunday and you just might not hear from me until a day later than usual. But we are excited to go because some of these elders haven’t been in like 6 or more months. I went 3 and a half weeks ago. Which by the way I can't believe it has almost been 3 weeks in the field, and almost 3 months since I left on my mission. The time is already starting to just fly by so fast and I can’t believe it is pday again!
Dad, I’m glad your knee surgery was a success and I’m glad it is better. Mom says I need to challenge you to a race when I get back. I think I would love to take a nice week long break but if I did that here I would have no idea what to do with myself. I do think I felt an earthquake just a small one like last week sometime in the morning. It just felt like they had like a steam roller outside but I thought I would ask about any earthquakes. So yeah last week in the morning sometime, I don’t remember the day exactly. Southern Mexico is would be like 3 or 4 hours away on a freeway (which they don’t have so it takes about 20 hours) so we aren’t too far away. Mom I fixed my comp some mac and cheese last night and that’s really about all I have ever cooked. I was going to ask you and grandma to send me some recipes and maybe I would be able to find the ingredients. I don’t have an oven just a little plug in stove and a microwave. So keep that in mind when you are thinking of recipes to send me.
In church we just go with the flow. We go to sacrament and then to gospel principles and then to elders quorum. Principles of the gospel is just for our investigators so we have about 8 people in the class and usually the ward mission leader teaches it but they got a new one yesterday so we had to teach. And yes we had our baptisms Saturday. We have about a good handful of investigators that are progressing but we are still trying to get new ones. It is hard because everyone thinks they are too busy to have us for 10 or 20 minutes. But we are working on it. And on our way to appointments we try to contact and we might have and hour or two set aside just for contacting. We have been able to walk across all our area, but there is one area across a river that w are not sure is ours or not. Me and my comp like to talk or sometimes we go visit the zone leaders they are our really good friends and we will probably be with them today until we have to go out and work again. Sounds like everything is great at home. I love hearing about what is going on so you can always send me dear elders and mail. The address I gave you all last week is the best one. And give out my email to friends and family they can email me and I can print it off and write back a letter. Thanks for all you guys do and it really makes my day to get mail and dear elders! Love you all
-Elder Kilts


Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

So things are going really great here. I’m enjoying my new area a lot and I am loving the people a ton. Yes we are still having the baptism this week so all they have to do is pass the interview on Friday. Let’s all cross our fingers, I think if they are supposed to get baptized the spirit will help them. My first Sunday wasn’t bad at all. The chapel here is super nice it’s just that there is tile instead of carpet. But it would be considered a beautiful church anywhere in the world which is cool. There were only about 90 members there so there aren’t many people but other than that it’s pretty normal. And it is a ward and we have a good stake here in Molino. We had 3 investigators with us at church and they all seemed like they had a good time. Easter is pretty chill for the LDS people here. But for all the Catholics it is a week long holiday called holy week. Everyone here gets Wed. through Sunday off of work. They have little parades where they will carry big crosses or statues of Jesus and they will sing and it is pretty strange. It is hard to find anyone at home and all the people we contacted out in the street were from out of our area. But life is back to normal here. We didn’t really do anything here. I found some jellybeans in the store and so I opened those up yesterday for Easter, but we really didn’t do much. It sounds like everyone back at home had a great Easter. Sam you are lucky I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. And I wish I could have been at home with all of you for Easter it sounded like fun. I have not gotten my package yet, when did you send it? I will let you know when I get it. So my companion has been out for 13 months. He started off here in the cap in zone 18 and he was there for 6 months and then went to Polochik in Koban. And then he came here and he is the DL. My area is probably 3 or 4 miles wide and 2 or 3 long. We have a huge hill in the middle and low areas on two sides of the hill. And we aren’t sure but there is another hill on the border of zones 6 and 18 and it has a good number of houses but we aren’t sure if it is in our area. You can look it up on google earth if you want. It’s a neighborhood but there is no space in-between the houses and there are no lawns or anything. So LOTS of houses and people; they are squeezed in here like sardines. We have a good strong handful of investigators and a few that are new or dwindling. A typical day is wake up at 6:30, work out shower and eat breakfast, personal study from 8-9, comp. study from 9-11, language study from 11-12, proselyte from 12-1, lunch for an hour, and proselyte after lunch until 9 when we come home and have dinner (if we haven’t already been fed) and plan. Pdays we go shopping in the morning, go to the church at 10 for a few hours to play soccer, we come here and email, then we go to eat somewhere and shop for whatever we need and hang out with the district and we hit the streets at 6. And we are going to see a house tomorrow and if we don’t like it we are going to move into this newish small one. So only a few more days in our dirty cockroach nest. Anyway I can't send pictures today, I forgot my camera, but hopefully next week I can send some of the baptism! I can only send photos thru email as far as I know. We can't really go on other sights. And yes mom I'm well taken care of. I have a brand new pillow and I have plenty of bedding stuff. And I might take all of the money off of my card because it costs $2 here to do it and everyone just uses cash so I will just get it all out at once one of these days. Thanks for all you guys do and I hope to hear from you all. Send me lots of letters and dear elders it really does make my day to get that stuff! And mom you can give my email out to family and friends that is probably more convenient for most people and I will just answer back in a letter. Love you all!!! –Elder Kilts

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Provo District

CCM District

Guatemala Templo

Out and about on pday

CCM mission pres and wife

Ogden Missionaries!

First Day out in the Field!

First week in my first area!

Hey how is it going? My new area and my new comp are both awesome. So I'm serving in the capital, Guatemala City. They send most nuevos here and there are 90 missionaries serving in the capital and about 90 serving everywhere else. So I may or may not get to be up in the jungle during my mission. President Watts takes assignments very seriously with lots of prayer so my assignment is inspired. My area is called Santa Luisa, I can't take pictures during proselyting so I don't have any pictures of the area. Just look it up on google. Santa Luisa Guatemala city, zona 6. My new comp is elder Llewelyn from Sandy, Utah. He is a great guy and I love serving with him. We have 2 baptisms lined up for the 14th and the two people are awesome so we believe it will happen. We are both new to the area and the last elders left nothing for us so we are starting off fresh with what little we know of the area. For the first few days we didn't even know the boundaries until the ward mission leader took us around. Our apartment is very small and its very messy and has lots of bugs. We got the okay to find a new apartment so we have been doing that. But its a great area, the members are awesome and I love it. We have plenty of groceries and one of the rules is to eat at a comedor every day except p-day and Sunday so that we get more than cereal and beans and mac and cheese. But the members take great care of us as well. I can't remember going to a members house and not getting some kind of snack or drink or something. And its all really good too. So we love it.
Conference was amazing we got to watch every session in English and it was just amazing. So much on the family and the importance of the family. My favorite talk was Elder Holland's with the parable of the day laborers. He's definitely my favorite. But my favorite part was at the end of the Sunday morning session when the mo-tab sung come thou fount. That is absolutely my favorite and such a great way to end such a great session. So about letters and stuff, the address you already have is good for the whole 2 years. I will put it down again at the end but they really don't deliver mail anywhere but the main parts of the capital. So just always sent packages and letters there and I will get them the same week that they get to the mission office. Dearelders too. So that's how you do it for the next 21.5 months. Or mom you can give out my email address and I can print the email and send a letter back or just respond if I have time after writing my family. My p-day is always on Monday unless I ever become an office elder, and I get an hour now so I have the time. I really want to hear from you all. It always makes my day when I hear from my family and friends. Kody, I have a letter for you but when do you leave BYU? I should probably just send it to your house in Oregon. What's your address? I just don't know if you will be in Provo when it gets to you so I won't send it yet. But yeah its been a great week and I miss home a lot and two years seems like a lot especially compared to all the other elders that have like less than 6 months left, but it is worth it and I love the work. Hopefully I can hear from a lot of you over this next week, and I will get back to you. Have a great Easter and remember what it is all about and what we should be thinking about. Love you all.

Elder Kilts

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 24, 2012, About to leave the CCM!

Thanks for the pictures. Hopefully I can send some next week. I have
no idea how next week is going to go. I'm just going to go along with
everything. I can't believe its been 2 months already! Glad life is
going well and the kids are having fun doing all their stuff. And I
did hear about Staci, grandma told me last week. Tell the Barrs I said
hi. I honestly don't know when I will get to email next so if you don't
hear from me for a couple weeks I'm still good. I'm very excited for the
field. 3 days!!!! This week was cool. Me and the other nortes going to
my mission had to go into town to sign a few things to live in
Guatemala. I haven't been in a car for 2 months and it felt like we
were going way fast like 70mph and I look at the speedometer and its
only 40. And they are all crazy drivers here, but it is always nice
to get out. We had in field orientation yesterday. Don't let the name
fool you, we did it all in the classroom in the ccm. Kinda boring, didn't
learn all that much... but I'm going to start packing today and I leave
Tuesday morning!!!!! 4 elders in my district leave on Monday including
my companion. I'm going to miss all of them. Something cool last night, I
gave my first blessing. I had stood in on one before but last night at
about 3 am my companion woke up barfing and he was really sick and
asked me to give him one. One of the Latinos anointed him in Spanish
and I gave the blessing in English. its hard at 3am right after being
woken up but it was a great experience and I think I will always
remember it as my first time. I'm aiming for a baptism next week. They
say its very very possible. Lots of elders get them in their first few
weeks. That's all the time I have always send me mail and dear elders
and I will have a new address for you all in about a week or two.
love you all -elder kilts

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 17, 2012

Hey how is it going? I'm sorry you have to go to school so early. I
guess it just makes the weekends even more enjoyable. Has Zack gotten
his license yet? Sam told me they were doing that new for the Strength
of Youth thing. Maybe when they come out you can send me one? Tell
Michael I said congratulations and let me know where he is being sent
when he gets his call.
This week has gone by very fast. I don't even remember most of it and I'm sure
I'll be out in the field before I even know it. I'm getting very excited only about
9 or 10 days left! The Spanish is definitely coming. I blessed the
sacrament this last Sunday and a couple days ago I did a temple
session in Spanish. I could understand most of what was said and I
learned a lot of vocabulary. We are teaching lots of lessons. And we
even have an actual nonmember that we are teaching. He works at the
cafeteria and he said he would go tochurch with us on Sunday.
We get to go out proselyting on Monday but
we won't have a native companion this time, just me and my north
American companion. I'm very excited it will be the 3rd time I get to
go out into the city. We also have our orientation this week. I don't
know what that is all about but it is supposed to help us get ready
for the field. We are learning lots in our classes and we are getting
great experience here. I totally love it here but I can't wait to get
out into the field. I really hope my first area is up north in the
jungle but I'll be happy to go wherever I go. I'm excited to meet the
mission president as well, and to maybe get more time for email every
week. Three missionaries came to visit the CCM here yesterday. They had
all been out in the field for about a year and they were serving in
the Guatemala city central mission. When I told them I was going to
the north they told me I was very lucky and they have heard lots of
cool things about my mission. The general consensus among them about
Spanish was they all considered themselves fluent after about 6
months. I can't wait until I can consider myself fluent and I know I
will learn lots more Spanish out in the field. I don't have any more
time. So thank you all for your support and I hope to hear from you!
Send all letters to the mission home address (posted). If you use
fedex to send mail it gets here in about 4 or 5 days and it costs
about $1.50 or $2. Thanks, love you all

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 10, 2012

Hey things are going great. I'm supposed to tell you all to start
sending mail to the mission home, but I don't really know that address
so mom maybe you could look that up and I will try to find it. Also
after this week send dear elders to the GCN mission home. It sounds
like life is busy as usual over there and it sounds like you all had a
good stake conference. Jake I wish I could be there to see your play.
And I'm glad youre doing good in your schoolwork. The weather is nice
down here it's like summer each day except Utah is hotter. My favorite
food here is the guacamole. We got to go to the city last Tuesday and
we saw this huge map of Guatemala and it had all the mountains
sticking up and everything. It was probably about the size of a small
baseball field and I got to see my area. Theres not really that many
mountains and my whole area is jungle and it has hundreds of mayan
temples and ruins. Then we got to go to the central market. It was in
the main part of town where the president of guatemala lives. It had
lots of old spanish and european architechture and it was really cool.
The central market was neat too. I spent like $4 and got a few
souvenirs. And we have not been to the zoo yet but we always hear the
story of the guy that got eaten by a lion (halfway eaten). Emily I am
so jealous I have always wanted to go snowshoeing. And cross country
skiing is way fun too. There are tacos here but they are all soft.
When you were a bear did you win or did you lose in your fight? haha I
want you to mail me letters and I always love your drawings. And I got
to lead the music in sacrament meeting last sunday! cool huh!
It sounds like things are going
great over there. I'm quite excited to go to the field in about 16
days! There are 4 elders going to my mission. Me and elder Story are
from Ogden and elder Hatch and elder Montoya are form Nevada. We got a
new group of missionaries this week. They were given the choice to go
to Provo for three weeks and learn no spanish there and then come here
or they could come strait from home. Its about half and half. Then
there are all the latinos that make up about 70% of us. They always
come straight from home. There are no hermanas as far as I know in my
mission. I heard they don't send north american hermanas to my mission.
My district leader is elder Quintanilla he is the ONLY latino here
that doesn't speak fluent spanish, and there are ten of us in the
district. My companion got called to be the AP so I get to follow him
around everywhere. I haven't given a talk yet but I have led the music
in sacrament meeting. What they do in the MTCs is everyone prepares a
talk and the branch president selects someone from each district to
speak. But he doesn't say who is speaking until about 30 seconds
before. I wish I could send pictures but I will be able to in about 3
weeks. I am definitely getting better and better at my spanish. I
talked to a couple missionaries who were coming home from their
missions and they were staying the night at the CCM and I got to have
a nice 30 minute conversation with them in spanish. So it is
definitely coming and I feel like I will be prepared in a couple
weeks. My favorite part of the day is personal study. Its great to be
able to start off the day feeling the spirit and I wouldn't give that
time up for anything. It is very important to study the scriptures and
I would challenge each of you reading to make it a part of every one
of your days. I don't have any more time but I hope to hear from you
all. You can send my dear elders this week to the guate CCM. Hope to
hear from you!                          

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 3, 2012

The MTC is still great. I'm excited to get out into the field. About
24 or 25 days!!! Glad to hear that Utah has gotten a little bit of
snow! We never get any here if you can believe it! But I love the
weather. Me and my companion were talking this morning about how it's
either gotten colder here since we´ve been here or we are just used to
it. Because the first week I couldn´t stand to sleep with a blanket
but now I need one to be comfortable. We did get to go out into the
city on Monday. I was paired with a native companion and they dropped
us off in a neigborhood and we went out street contacting and knocking
on doors. We got 4 refferals and one was really interested so
hopefully the missionaries in that area are having a good time
teaching him. It was great to get out and see what it is like here and
to talk with the locals. My spanish is definately coming along but I've
heard I learn like 10 times as much in my first 6 weeks in the field.
I'm loving it. We probably spend about half and half gospel vs. spanish
study, but a lot of our gospel study is in spanish so we kind of learn
in our gospel study as well. My supplies are holding up quite well. I
just finished the last of the snacks you sent me so I get to rely on
mealtimes. Oh well. The only thing I'm almost out of is mouthrinse. So
I am doing just fine with my supplies. Tell the missionary moms that
stuff is very cheap at the distribution center here. Maybe 50 cents
for a BOM and about $1 for a hymn book. And about $4 for a mini
hymnbook. So all of the missionaries now are coming straight here from
their homes. We have a group of NA's coming in from their 3 week stint
in Provo and one group coming directly from their homes. They are
changing the language program and we are part of the last 9 weekers.
The ones coming straight from home only have 6 weeks total until they
go. I'm glad you guys are having a great time and summer is coming up
fast for you guys. I'm glad emily had fun skiing. I sent letters last
sat. and you all should get them in a week or so. And I will write
more today. They say it takes 12 days. Dad it sounds like track is
going great. That reminds me of a couple seasons ago where it would
only snow on track meet days and we had to cancel a lot. I hope you
had a great time with your talk and your lesson. And I hope you get
better soon. I also hope you guys are enjoying sleeping in with no
boys in the house to wake you up. I don´t have much more time, so
thanks for all that you guys do, I really appreciate it and you are
all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the picture. We don´t
avtually sleep that much. But sometimes we wwould really like to. I
think we might get about an hour or two in today. I love p-days. Well
I will write you all and please sent me daer elders to let me know
what is going on! Remember to send them to the GUATEMALA MTC and not
the MTC. Love you all! Adios!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week Two in the CCM

Thanks for the emails. Sam- I get to speak to the little kids just
whenever we go up to the temple which is about once every one or two
days.  Dad my first week has gone very awesome. I love
it and I am learning spanish very fast. I don't know what area they
will send me to first, that's up to the mission president but there are 3
other elders going to my same mission. There's also a good chance that
I might be sent to an area sometime during my mission where I would
have to learn some native dialect. I think its called ketchi or
something and I saw a BOM in that language and it just looks like this
gi'lj k'ghb r´tlo gh'ot. Very crazy but I might come home knowing 2
languages. Mom my daily life is basicly wake up, go to gym, race to
the showers, breakfast, personal study outside, language study
outside, about an hour of class, lunch about 3 hours of class and
whatnot, 430 is dinner, more class after that, refacción (snack time)
at about 7, more class, then daily planning. Sometimes they have in
our schedule time to go contacting on the temple grounds, or TRC. And
on Monday we have a ''proselyting activity'' where we are going to go
somewhere in the city and proselyte. Oh and tomorrow we have
companionship exchanges and I will be paired with 2 latinos for the
day. Sounds like life is as busy as normal over there. Glad you guys
are having a good time because I am too. Emily- have lots of fun
skiing! Elder Storey is in my district, he's shown me some of his art
he's quite good. My companion is elder Holmstead from around Boise. He
went to BYU-He and I like to sing and play the piano. We get along
very well. We will have the same district for the whole six weeks, but
four of our roommmates leave in about 10 days. They are from all over.
Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador. We are going to really miss them. I'm
very excited to get into the field. I want to go out and do this stuff
for real and I want to see the rest of the country. I have about 150
of that emergency cash left. I had to use 40 for my bag and 10 for
food. I'll send you some letters in a few days you should get them in
about two weeks. Things are going great here I'm loving everything but
these crazy keyboards here. I can't find half the punctuation marks.
But yeah I'm having lots of fun. Gym is my favorite. I lift weights
half the time and the other half I'm playing soccer or basketball. My
district is great we have ten people all Norte Americanos. Well one of
them is tongan but we all fit into the North amercan group. We have
two tongans in our zone. The latinos love them they are quite the
characters. The latinos now now to give all their unwanted food to the
tongans. It's quite awesome, we all love the latinos and the latinos
all love us and think us white kids are just the funniest people ever.
Thats all the time I have today. Send me lots of dear elders we love
to get them! Love, Elder Kilts.

Elder Kilts is on the right side, third row up, second one in, blue tie.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lovin' the CCM in Guatemala!

Hey so they gave us a half hour today. Things are going great; its a
lot more relaxed here, we have more fun and we are learning a lot
more than we did in Provo. We talk with the Latinos at mealtimes and
my companion and I are in the same room with 4 other native speakers.
So they help us with a lot of Spanish and they give us a great chance
to practice our Spanish. They have let us off of the CCM campus a few
times now. Yesterday we got to go to the distribution center up by
the temple and we got to go contacting on the temple grounds. Its
about a 3 or 4 minute walk up to the temple. Yesterday at the
distribution center we ran into the Gua City South missionaries. One
of them went to BL. He was a senior when I was a freshman. Elder
Burpo, I think his first name was robbie or something. Dad you might
remember him he played basketball and baseball and he was in your
wieght class my freshman year. But that was cool to meet up with those
missionaries and to get some advice from them. They said you learn WAY
MORE Spanish in the first 6 weeks out in the field than you do in the
CCM. After the distribution center we contacted on the temple grounds.
It was all members but it was a great experience to practice our
Spanish. I got to talk to native speaking children too. It's crazy how
good they are at Spanish and they are awesome! But it's way cool here.
It's our p-day and for the past hour or two I was playing soccer. I
think us north americans are getting good but we might be eating some
humble pie once we go against the latinos. Our district is almost
twice as big as it was in Provo. We have 8 elders and 2 hermanas. We
all get along very well. We get assigned a district leader today.
Everything here is meant for short people. The shower head comes out
of the wall right about where my face is.  I have to duck when I'm

doing my hair. And I've never used so much hand sanitizer in my life.
They have it everywhere so that we don't get sick. Hopefully I won't.
The waether is great here its about 25 degrees celcuis (no se in
farenheit) every day and there is always a cool breeze so it doesn't
feel as hot. I got more sunshine yesterday than I have in the past 3
weeks in Provo. They let us study outside and we love to do that. As a
result of all the sunshine I got a slight sunburn. But it's pretty
much tan now. I think I am going to come back looking pretty brown. I
don't know though. It's very humid here too. Those cookies you sent me
in provo got kinda crunchy down there, but they are nice and soft now.
The food here is great though. We have fresh fruit every meal and they
have fresh fruit juice too. So the juice might be pineapple one meal
and tangerine the next. It's quite choice stuff. I'm enjoying it very
much it is so much different down here but its great. I really love it
and I can't wait to get out into the field. I also can't wait to be
able to speak Spanish. It's going to be awesome. Well thats really all
the time I have left. I sent you my new address. If you send dear
elders by Sunday I heard we get them on Wednesday. So you can send
those and I will give you my next address in about 4 or 5 weeks. Just
make sure the one I gave you is right it is at That's
all the time I have left, the church is true choose the right and I
will see yall in a little less than 2 years now :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elder Kilts arrives in Guatemala!

Hey sorry about cutting you off Tuesday night my time ran out but it
was great talking to you. We got here at about 6:30 on Wednesday
morning the flight was pretty good. We got to eat breakfast and they
let us sleep until lunch. It´s great here the food is awesome. For
breakfast on Wednesday we had eggs and sausage and fried bananas. The
fresh fruit here is awesome in the one hour of gym that I have had
here I learned that I will be playing lots of soccer. I would say
about 60% of the people here are Latinos. We´re like the sharks and
the jets. Except we all get along and sit by eachother in the
cafeteria and we are cool with eachother. Guatemala is very beautiful.
Its very green and lush and hilly. There are lots of birds if you can
here them over the honking of the horns outside. I love it here, I

think I'll stay for 2 years :P We are learning a lot of spanish the
goal for next week is to be teaching at least 20 lessons. in spanish.
every day. its coming though. We had a branch presidency meeting to
welcome everyone in the new branch and us norte americanos had to use
translators to understand what was being said. Its crazy to be the
only ones I know of that are in this country and don´t speak good
spanish. We only have 15 minutes tonight so I can´t write much more. I
think I don't get email time again until a week from Saturday so you
will hear from me then.  Bye!
                       My new adress (they dont have enter buttons
here so i will do a new line with a \. And do not use elder) Joshua
Fred Kilts\Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, zona 15\Vista hermosa I.
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Third P-Day

This is Josh's last email from the Provo MTC.  He's on his way to Guatemala Tuesday! I have posted the Guat. MTC address, it is just as easy to send a letter through

This week was great. I am now totally used to it. I still miss everyone back at home, and my friends too. Yall's letters are a real morale booster it definately makes my day. BTW no mail after today or I might not get it. Moday afternoon is the cutoff for because I won't be there Tuesday to get mail. Why? I'm leaving to go to Guatemala. I am so excited. I leave Tuesday at about 4:30PM and I will get to Guatemala at about 5:30AM on Wednesday morning. Its crazy how fast the time has gone. I always love seeing the new missionaries come in every Wednesday because it brings back great memories of my first day. But it never seems like it was only two weeks ago that I was getting dropped off at the sidewalk and saying goodbye to my family and friends for two years. It feels like I have been here for forever, but it also seems like I was just sitting in church last Sunday, and it is already Thursday. The time goes by super fast here. I am learning a great deal of Spanish. Our lessons with our investigators are cool because I no longer need to bring my Spanish dictionary and I can usually just wing it and read scriptures. But I am still a long ways from being fluent. I do look forward to that day when I realize that I know Spanish. I am learning so much here and I love it so much. It's sad that I leave this place in a few days because I have grown to love the MTC so much. But I am also very excited to finally get to Guatemala and to see what thats all about. I think when I get there it will be just about 99% Spanish so I am both nervous for that, and excited to be forced to learn the language even faster. It's amazing how much I have already learned in two weeks. I remember my teacher teaching us how to pray in Spanish on the second or third day, and now just two weeks later I can teach anyone how to pray in Spanish. Its amazing what can happen when you are set apart as a servent of the lord and are blessed with "el don de linguas" or "the gift of tounges" as most of you know it. Well like how I mentioned to time flies by here I only have one minute left to write this. Most of you won't hear from me until I am down in Guatemala. I am excited and just know that la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimas dias verdad. (use google translate if you must to translate that.) Just know that I know that though, and that is the whole reason why I am here. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church. Well bye now :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Week Two in the MTC

Hey whats up mi amigos. I've been here for more than a week now and I'm loving it more and more. And yes mom my testimony IS growing I hope you didn't email your missionary moms about that. 1st I'd like to say happy birthday Jake! I hope it's a great day for you especialy as you get to pass the sacrement now! And bueno suerte (good luck) in your basketball games! Mom send my new license too with everything you are already going to send. And a couple of fitted sheets would be greatly appriciated the ones they provide sometimes shrink too much in the was. We got new ones yesterday and it was too small so when i woke up this morning my sheet had somehow magically made it onto the floor in my slumber. And mom also SEND me those pictures. Don't email them I cant find a printer anywhere. And I these computers wont let me upload any so the picture machine in the bookstore just got working today so yall will get some pictures in the mail those that have asked. And I will write people back today its my p-day so if I've gotten something from you recently I'll write back today. Sam I would rather have you send it not put it in my account and Zack I would like you to send that adapter since you found it. Mom also my Branch President said we should have a copy of our call letters so please make a copy and send it, and put the real one somewhere safe. Derek congrats on the mission call! I'm so excited for you it's going to be great when we all finally meet up and can talk in spanish. Dan you had better go spanish speaking so you can speak with Kody and Derek and me lol ;) Mom, where's spencer going I believe he opened his call yesterday I need to know! And someone please tell me who wins the super bowl! Anyways the spanish is definatly coming. We are heavily relying on the spirit when we teach our investigator. Me and elder Hatch always end up teaching something COMPLETELY different from what we planned and in español too so we definately couldn't do it on our own we definatly have lots of help. Tuesday night was the 50th anniversary of the MTC so for the fireside we heard from Jeffrey R. Holland and Russel M. Nielson. We were like, no more than 20 yards away from the pulpit it was quite awesome and theres a funny story that goes along with how we got those seats but I dont have mmuch time. They talked a lot about the MTC and that last year they hit the 1,000,000th missionary mark, and that 650,000 of those have gone throught the MTC. There was a lot of talk about standing on the shoulders of those that have been before us. And it's totally true there are so many people that have paved the way yet there is still so many people that need to hear the gospel which is why we need to work hard even yall at home. This is definately a great place to be and being here and hearing from apostales and feeling the spirit has definately convinced me that this is the true church and that Joseph smith really did restore the gospel and I know that I am not wasting my time here. I cant wait to get to Guatemala (in 12 days!!!) and to be there preaching the gospel and I thank you all for your support in my leaving for two years.
-Elder Kilts

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week One in the MTC

Here is the first email from Elder Kilts, seems pretty worried about mail and packages! 
Hey so the first week was pretty awesome I can't believe it's almost over. I'm not sure what to say but I have a whole half hour to email. The first day I got out of the car at the sidewalk of the MTC and I was in class 15 minutes later. Our class is pretty cool, we have our whole district in it and we spend about 6 hours in there every day. Thursday we spent about 9 maybe 10 hours in there it was crazy. Its on the 5th floor and our room is on the 3rd floor and we go up and down at least 5 times a day so my calves are going to look quite nice by the time I leave this place. We're really having the language forced into our heads. Thursday night we started praying in Spanish and every prayer is now in Spanish. Yesterday we taught our first lesson to an investigator. In Spanish. Yes we are being forced to learn but it is quite effective. It's a blast. Our teacher is Hermano Rapp and he is such an awesome teacher. We got our first gym time yesterday and our second one today. It really helps to make the day better. We got our mail yesterday for the first time. I had a letter from mom and one from Kody/Kandi. It was so nice to hear from yall and you I am going to write back today (it's our p-day). Congratulations Kody on the mission call! Columbia sounds so dang exciting its I'm so proud of you, its going to be great. Derek I'm looking forward to hearing where you are headed. But yeah please send me letters it is such a morale booster and you know what else is? Packages. It is so awesome to be by the mailroom to see all the elders getting packages maybe you guys can send me some so I don't look like such a noob ;) all the elders that have been here longer have packages all the time so in order for me to be a more experienced missionary I need some. Our district is asking our families the same thing I think most new missionaries do. So yeah gatorade would be appreciated also snacks and candy and stuff. My companion is Elder Hatch he's such a great guy and we get along very well. He's from Nevada and he is a pretty cool guy. We both share a room with Elder Christensen and Elder Gunther. We are pretty tight and they are sad to see us leaving them in 17 days. Yes 17 days until we go to Guatemala. It's crazy but we are excited. Elder Hatch is going to the same mission as me. We leave the same day and I've met this elder that is going to some other mission in guatemala and he might be coming with us but as far as I know we are the only ones headed there. Elder Christensen and Elder Gunther are both headed to Chile Santiago North and Elders Cherry, Yardley, and Harper from our district are going to Nicaragua Managua something. They are all here for 9 weeks. The food here is pretty good. Its just like the Cannon center at the Y but better. Yeah I said it. Well I have 4 minutos left and I'm going to try to put some pictures up so I'll catch you next week. Unless you write me or send me a little somethin somethin.
-Elder Kilts
Cant get the camera to work I'll send some next week. 20 second left. mom I'll respond to your email in a letter :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Delivered to the MTC!

We drove to Provo today to drop Josh, or Elder Kilts, off at the MTC.  We made a stop at Y-View to say goodbye to all the BYU Zoobies, then over to the Provo Temple to say our good-byes, then the MTC curb side service (nice)!

Enjoy some photos from the day!

Pretty sad as we were leaving. I think Josh is the only one that didn't cry!