Sunday, February 12, 2012

Third P-Day

This is Josh's last email from the Provo MTC.  He's on his way to Guatemala Tuesday! I have posted the Guat. MTC address, it is just as easy to send a letter through

This week was great. I am now totally used to it. I still miss everyone back at home, and my friends too. Yall's letters are a real morale booster it definately makes my day. BTW no mail after today or I might not get it. Moday afternoon is the cutoff for because I won't be there Tuesday to get mail. Why? I'm leaving to go to Guatemala. I am so excited. I leave Tuesday at about 4:30PM and I will get to Guatemala at about 5:30AM on Wednesday morning. Its crazy how fast the time has gone. I always love seeing the new missionaries come in every Wednesday because it brings back great memories of my first day. But it never seems like it was only two weeks ago that I was getting dropped off at the sidewalk and saying goodbye to my family and friends for two years. It feels like I have been here for forever, but it also seems like I was just sitting in church last Sunday, and it is already Thursday. The time goes by super fast here. I am learning a great deal of Spanish. Our lessons with our investigators are cool because I no longer need to bring my Spanish dictionary and I can usually just wing it and read scriptures. But I am still a long ways from being fluent. I do look forward to that day when I realize that I know Spanish. I am learning so much here and I love it so much. It's sad that I leave this place in a few days because I have grown to love the MTC so much. But I am also very excited to finally get to Guatemala and to see what thats all about. I think when I get there it will be just about 99% Spanish so I am both nervous for that, and excited to be forced to learn the language even faster. It's amazing how much I have already learned in two weeks. I remember my teacher teaching us how to pray in Spanish on the second or third day, and now just two weeks later I can teach anyone how to pray in Spanish. Its amazing what can happen when you are set apart as a servent of the lord and are blessed with "el don de linguas" or "the gift of tounges" as most of you know it. Well like how I mentioned to time flies by here I only have one minute left to write this. Most of you won't hear from me until I am down in Guatemala. I am excited and just know that la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimas dias verdad. (use google translate if you must to translate that.) Just know that I know that though, and that is the whole reason why I am here. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church. Well bye now :)

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