Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week Two in the CCM

Thanks for the emails. Sam- I get to speak to the little kids just
whenever we go up to the temple which is about once every one or two
days.  Dad my first week has gone very awesome. I love
it and I am learning spanish very fast. I don't know what area they
will send me to first, that's up to the mission president but there are 3
other elders going to my same mission. There's also a good chance that
I might be sent to an area sometime during my mission where I would
have to learn some native dialect. I think its called ketchi or
something and I saw a BOM in that language and it just looks like this
gi'lj k'ghb r´tlo gh'ot. Very crazy but I might come home knowing 2
languages. Mom my daily life is basicly wake up, go to gym, race to
the showers, breakfast, personal study outside, language study
outside, about an hour of class, lunch about 3 hours of class and
whatnot, 430 is dinner, more class after that, refacción (snack time)
at about 7, more class, then daily planning. Sometimes they have in
our schedule time to go contacting on the temple grounds, or TRC. And
on Monday we have a ''proselyting activity'' where we are going to go
somewhere in the city and proselyte. Oh and tomorrow we have
companionship exchanges and I will be paired with 2 latinos for the
day. Sounds like life is as busy as normal over there. Glad you guys
are having a good time because I am too. Emily- have lots of fun
skiing! Elder Storey is in my district, he's shown me some of his art
he's quite good. My companion is elder Holmstead from around Boise. He
went to BYU-He and I like to sing and play the piano. We get along
very well. We will have the same district for the whole six weeks, but
four of our roommmates leave in about 10 days. They are from all over.
Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador. We are going to really miss them. I'm
very excited to get into the field. I want to go out and do this stuff
for real and I want to see the rest of the country. I have about 150
of that emergency cash left. I had to use 40 for my bag and 10 for
food. I'll send you some letters in a few days you should get them in
about two weeks. Things are going great here I'm loving everything but
these crazy keyboards here. I can't find half the punctuation marks.
But yeah I'm having lots of fun. Gym is my favorite. I lift weights
half the time and the other half I'm playing soccer or basketball. My
district is great we have ten people all Norte Americanos. Well one of
them is tongan but we all fit into the North amercan group. We have
two tongans in our zone. The latinos love them they are quite the
characters. The latinos now now to give all their unwanted food to the
tongans. It's quite awesome, we all love the latinos and the latinos
all love us and think us white kids are just the funniest people ever.
Thats all the time I have today. Send me lots of dear elders we love
to get them! Love, Elder Kilts.

Elder Kilts is on the right side, third row up, second one in, blue tie.

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  1. I don't know where this playing the piano and singing thing is coming from, hidden talents?