Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 24, 2012, About to leave the CCM!

Thanks for the pictures. Hopefully I can send some next week. I have
no idea how next week is going to go. I'm just going to go along with
everything. I can't believe its been 2 months already! Glad life is
going well and the kids are having fun doing all their stuff. And I
did hear about Staci, grandma told me last week. Tell the Barrs I said
hi. I honestly don't know when I will get to email next so if you don't
hear from me for a couple weeks I'm still good. I'm very excited for the
field. 3 days!!!! This week was cool. Me and the other nortes going to
my mission had to go into town to sign a few things to live in
Guatemala. I haven't been in a car for 2 months and it felt like we
were going way fast like 70mph and I look at the speedometer and its
only 40. And they are all crazy drivers here, but it is always nice
to get out. We had in field orientation yesterday. Don't let the name
fool you, we did it all in the classroom in the ccm. Kinda boring, didn't
learn all that much... but I'm going to start packing today and I leave
Tuesday morning!!!!! 4 elders in my district leave on Monday including
my companion. I'm going to miss all of them. Something cool last night, I
gave my first blessing. I had stood in on one before but last night at
about 3 am my companion woke up barfing and he was really sick and
asked me to give him one. One of the Latinos anointed him in Spanish
and I gave the blessing in English. its hard at 3am right after being
woken up but it was a great experience and I think I will always
remember it as my first time. I'm aiming for a baptism next week. They
say its very very possible. Lots of elders get them in their first few
weeks. That's all the time I have always send me mail and dear elders
and I will have a new address for you all in about a week or two.
love you all -elder kilts

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