Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 7, 2012

Sorry I am getting behind on posting Josh's letters!

Hey everyone how are you all doing? This week has been pretty normal
we are getting settled in to our new house and we are about to go
through my first change. They called with the changes last night and
in my district we only have one leaving and one of our ZLs are
leaving. But I'm excited to be working with Elder Llewelyn for another
6 weeks and we've got some good things happening. We are finally
starting to see some real solid investigators. We have 5 progressing
and about five more that probably will be after we visit again. So we
are starting to see some good success here in Santa Luisa. We have 2
investigators with baptismal dates its just that the we have to get
the mom married before she can get baptized but she has a real desire
she shows up to church every Sunday and I really think its going to
work out for her. But wow has it really been 6 weeks? I'm just thinking
about how fast the next 6 are going to be. My Spanish is definitely
improving. I can understand almost everything people are saying its
just my vocab that holds me back and for me it’s a little more hard to
speak then to hear but I'm working on talking more and Pdays are great
because I get to practice with some of the other Latino elders. I am
really hoping for a Latino comp after this change so that I can maybe
become fluent. But my Spanish and my gospel knowledge are both growing
very quickly. I'm starting to know how to help the people out and I
know how to teach what they need. Its supposed to start raining a lot
here. May is the start of the wet season. We got some really heavy
rain last night but today at least for now it doesn’t look like much
is going to happen. But I guess soon it is just going to rain all of
the time. It really makes our house a sauna because of the humidity
and our house doesn't cool off very well so it is always 80 degrees in
the house. The search continues for a fan. But I really love it here
and the weather is nice and I love the country and the people here.
But it is going to be so much different in the states when I get back
I can promise you that. I'm glad all is well back at home. Dad I'm
pretty jealous you got to go to BYU I really miss that place and it
sounds like the weather was great. What are you going to do with all
that stuff from Hooper especially from the basement? Hope you enjoy
the last few weeks of school and then summer. Mom you guys need to
call at 5pm Sunday afternoon. The times are the same here and there
because they don't do daylight savings.
I'll let you know if I get that mail, and the jellybeans were so yummy!
Life as a missionary is pretty great. I get to share the gospel every
day (almost, my comp was sick and we lost a day) and I get to meet
some of the most amazing people, both members and nonmembers. It feels
great to be teaching and everything all the time it really is
uplifting to do that every day. My best moment so far was probably
when we were with our recent converts that we baptized and he had a
question and the question was how where and when do I pay my tithing.
It just made me so happy to see him so strong in the church already. I
also love seeing investigators and less active members show up to
church on there own its my favorite. To be quite honest I cant believe
school is almost over for you guys and I cant believe Zack is
graduating. It sounds like great things are happening there. Well I
cant wait to hear from you all again and have a fantastic week! Love
–Elder Kilts


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