Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week One in the MTC

Here is the first email from Elder Kilts, seems pretty worried about mail and packages! 
Hey so the first week was pretty awesome I can't believe it's almost over. I'm not sure what to say but I have a whole half hour to email. The first day I got out of the car at the sidewalk of the MTC and I was in class 15 minutes later. Our class is pretty cool, we have our whole district in it and we spend about 6 hours in there every day. Thursday we spent about 9 maybe 10 hours in there it was crazy. Its on the 5th floor and our room is on the 3rd floor and we go up and down at least 5 times a day so my calves are going to look quite nice by the time I leave this place. We're really having the language forced into our heads. Thursday night we started praying in Spanish and every prayer is now in Spanish. Yesterday we taught our first lesson to an investigator. In Spanish. Yes we are being forced to learn but it is quite effective. It's a blast. Our teacher is Hermano Rapp and he is such an awesome teacher. We got our first gym time yesterday and our second one today. It really helps to make the day better. We got our mail yesterday for the first time. I had a letter from mom and one from Kody/Kandi. It was so nice to hear from yall and you I am going to write back today (it's our p-day). Congratulations Kody on the mission call! Columbia sounds so dang exciting its I'm so proud of you, its going to be great. Derek I'm looking forward to hearing where you are headed. But yeah please send me letters it is such a morale booster and you know what else is? Packages. It is so awesome to be by the mailroom to see all the elders getting packages maybe you guys can send me some so I don't look like such a noob ;) all the elders that have been here longer have packages all the time so in order for me to be a more experienced missionary I need some. Our district is asking our families the same thing I think most new missionaries do. So yeah gatorade would be appreciated also snacks and candy and stuff. My companion is Elder Hatch he's such a great guy and we get along very well. He's from Nevada and he is a pretty cool guy. We both share a room with Elder Christensen and Elder Gunther. We are pretty tight and they are sad to see us leaving them in 17 days. Yes 17 days until we go to Guatemala. It's crazy but we are excited. Elder Hatch is going to the same mission as me. We leave the same day and I've met this elder that is going to some other mission in guatemala and he might be coming with us but as far as I know we are the only ones headed there. Elder Christensen and Elder Gunther are both headed to Chile Santiago North and Elders Cherry, Yardley, and Harper from our district are going to Nicaragua Managua something. They are all here for 9 weeks. The food here is pretty good. Its just like the Cannon center at the Y but better. Yeah I said it. Well I have 4 minutos left and I'm going to try to put some pictures up so I'll catch you next week. Unless you write me or send me a little somethin somethin.
-Elder Kilts
Cant get the camera to work I'll send some next week. 20 second left. mom I'll respond to your email in a letter :)

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