Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lovin' the CCM in Guatemala!

Hey so they gave us a half hour today. Things are going great; its a
lot more relaxed here, we have more fun and we are learning a lot
more than we did in Provo. We talk with the Latinos at mealtimes and
my companion and I are in the same room with 4 other native speakers.
So they help us with a lot of Spanish and they give us a great chance
to practice our Spanish. They have let us off of the CCM campus a few
times now. Yesterday we got to go to the distribution center up by
the temple and we got to go contacting on the temple grounds. Its
about a 3 or 4 minute walk up to the temple. Yesterday at the
distribution center we ran into the Gua City South missionaries. One
of them went to BL. He was a senior when I was a freshman. Elder
Burpo, I think his first name was robbie or something. Dad you might
remember him he played basketball and baseball and he was in your
wieght class my freshman year. But that was cool to meet up with those
missionaries and to get some advice from them. They said you learn WAY
MORE Spanish in the first 6 weeks out in the field than you do in the
CCM. After the distribution center we contacted on the temple grounds.
It was all members but it was a great experience to practice our
Spanish. I got to talk to native speaking children too. It's crazy how
good they are at Spanish and they are awesome! But it's way cool here.
It's our p-day and for the past hour or two I was playing soccer. I
think us north americans are getting good but we might be eating some
humble pie once we go against the latinos. Our district is almost
twice as big as it was in Provo. We have 8 elders and 2 hermanas. We
all get along very well. We get assigned a district leader today.
Everything here is meant for short people. The shower head comes out
of the wall right about where my face is.  I have to duck when I'm

doing my hair. And I've never used so much hand sanitizer in my life.
They have it everywhere so that we don't get sick. Hopefully I won't.
The waether is great here its about 25 degrees celcuis (no se in
farenheit) every day and there is always a cool breeze so it doesn't
feel as hot. I got more sunshine yesterday than I have in the past 3
weeks in Provo. They let us study outside and we love to do that. As a
result of all the sunshine I got a slight sunburn. But it's pretty
much tan now. I think I am going to come back looking pretty brown. I
don't know though. It's very humid here too. Those cookies you sent me
in provo got kinda crunchy down there, but they are nice and soft now.
The food here is great though. We have fresh fruit every meal and they
have fresh fruit juice too. So the juice might be pineapple one meal
and tangerine the next. It's quite choice stuff. I'm enjoying it very
much it is so much different down here but its great. I really love it
and I can't wait to get out into the field. I also can't wait to be
able to speak Spanish. It's going to be awesome. Well thats really all
the time I have left. I sent you my new address. If you send dear
elders by Sunday I heard we get them on Wednesday. So you can send
those and I will give you my next address in about 4 or 5 weeks. Just
make sure the one I gave you is right it is at That's
all the time I have left, the church is true choose the right and I
will see yall in a little less than 2 years now :)

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