Friday, March 9, 2012

March 3, 2012

The MTC is still great. I'm excited to get out into the field. About
24 or 25 days!!! Glad to hear that Utah has gotten a little bit of
snow! We never get any here if you can believe it! But I love the
weather. Me and my companion were talking this morning about how it's
either gotten colder here since we´ve been here or we are just used to
it. Because the first week I couldn´t stand to sleep with a blanket
but now I need one to be comfortable. We did get to go out into the
city on Monday. I was paired with a native companion and they dropped
us off in a neigborhood and we went out street contacting and knocking
on doors. We got 4 refferals and one was really interested so
hopefully the missionaries in that area are having a good time
teaching him. It was great to get out and see what it is like here and
to talk with the locals. My spanish is definately coming along but I've
heard I learn like 10 times as much in my first 6 weeks in the field.
I'm loving it. We probably spend about half and half gospel vs. spanish
study, but a lot of our gospel study is in spanish so we kind of learn
in our gospel study as well. My supplies are holding up quite well. I
just finished the last of the snacks you sent me so I get to rely on
mealtimes. Oh well. The only thing I'm almost out of is mouthrinse. So
I am doing just fine with my supplies. Tell the missionary moms that
stuff is very cheap at the distribution center here. Maybe 50 cents
for a BOM and about $1 for a hymn book. And about $4 for a mini
hymnbook. So all of the missionaries now are coming straight here from
their homes. We have a group of NA's coming in from their 3 week stint
in Provo and one group coming directly from their homes. They are
changing the language program and we are part of the last 9 weekers.
The ones coming straight from home only have 6 weeks total until they
go. I'm glad you guys are having a great time and summer is coming up
fast for you guys. I'm glad emily had fun skiing. I sent letters last
sat. and you all should get them in a week or so. And I will write
more today. They say it takes 12 days. Dad it sounds like track is
going great. That reminds me of a couple seasons ago where it would
only snow on track meet days and we had to cancel a lot. I hope you
had a great time with your talk and your lesson. And I hope you get
better soon. I also hope you guys are enjoying sleeping in with no
boys in the house to wake you up. I don´t have much more time, so
thanks for all that you guys do, I really appreciate it and you are
all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the picture. We don´t
avtually sleep that much. But sometimes we wwould really like to. I
think we might get about an hour or two in today. I love p-days. Well
I will write you all and please sent me daer elders to let me know
what is going on! Remember to send them to the GUATEMALA MTC and not
the MTC. Love you all! Adios!

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