Sunday, April 8, 2012

First week in my first area!

Hey how is it going? My new area and my new comp are both awesome. So I'm serving in the capital, Guatemala City. They send most nuevos here and there are 90 missionaries serving in the capital and about 90 serving everywhere else. So I may or may not get to be up in the jungle during my mission. President Watts takes assignments very seriously with lots of prayer so my assignment is inspired. My area is called Santa Luisa, I can't take pictures during proselyting so I don't have any pictures of the area. Just look it up on google. Santa Luisa Guatemala city, zona 6. My new comp is elder Llewelyn from Sandy, Utah. He is a great guy and I love serving with him. We have 2 baptisms lined up for the 14th and the two people are awesome so we believe it will happen. We are both new to the area and the last elders left nothing for us so we are starting off fresh with what little we know of the area. For the first few days we didn't even know the boundaries until the ward mission leader took us around. Our apartment is very small and its very messy and has lots of bugs. We got the okay to find a new apartment so we have been doing that. But its a great area, the members are awesome and I love it. We have plenty of groceries and one of the rules is to eat at a comedor every day except p-day and Sunday so that we get more than cereal and beans and mac and cheese. But the members take great care of us as well. I can't remember going to a members house and not getting some kind of snack or drink or something. And its all really good too. So we love it.
Conference was amazing we got to watch every session in English and it was just amazing. So much on the family and the importance of the family. My favorite talk was Elder Holland's with the parable of the day laborers. He's definitely my favorite. But my favorite part was at the end of the Sunday morning session when the mo-tab sung come thou fount. That is absolutely my favorite and such a great way to end such a great session. So about letters and stuff, the address you already have is good for the whole 2 years. I will put it down again at the end but they really don't deliver mail anywhere but the main parts of the capital. So just always sent packages and letters there and I will get them the same week that they get to the mission office. Dearelders too. So that's how you do it for the next 21.5 months. Or mom you can give out my email address and I can print the email and send a letter back or just respond if I have time after writing my family. My p-day is always on Monday unless I ever become an office elder, and I get an hour now so I have the time. I really want to hear from you all. It always makes my day when I hear from my family and friends. Kody, I have a letter for you but when do you leave BYU? I should probably just send it to your house in Oregon. What's your address? I just don't know if you will be in Provo when it gets to you so I won't send it yet. But yeah its been a great week and I miss home a lot and two years seems like a lot especially compared to all the other elders that have like less than 6 months left, but it is worth it and I love the work. Hopefully I can hear from a lot of you over this next week, and I will get back to you. Have a great Easter and remember what it is all about and what we should be thinking about. Love you all.

Elder Kilts

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