Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 23, 2012

Hey how is everyone doing? We don't get to go to the temple until next
week because we have zone conference on Wednesday and president doesn't
want us to have 2 days in a row with out working. So we should be
going next Tuesday if all goes according to plan. So that should be
our Pday so that is when I will probably email. It sounds like track
is doing good dad. I'm glad you guys don't have to run in the freezing
weather like last year but I honestly can't believe it has been a year.
The time is already starting to fly by. Guess what? this Wednesday I
will have been gone for 3 months! and guess what else? I'll be 1/8 of
the way done with my mission! wow that makes is seem like a lot huh?
Tell Michael i said congrats and I'm really glad he made that decision
to serve a mission. Mom I'll try to answer all of your questions. I'm
doing great and I am healthy and haven't gotten sick yet. I'm not really
too homesick. I mean I miss everyone but I'm definitely enjoying my
time here. For mothers day you guys will be calling our home phone.
They should be sending us information and stuff about it this week so
I will forward it to you. But next week I will have a time for you to
call and you'll call our phone. That’s the only option they don’t let
the missionaries in central America use skype because there are parts
that don’t have it and they want it to be fair. And we eat more than
just mac and cheese but its just easier to do that and pasta plus we
get fed by members often. A really common Guatemalan meal is eggs &
beans with fried platanos and bread. Its pretty good. Tonight were
having fhe with this one family and she is going to make us papusas
which are more el Salvadorian than anything but they are good. And we
have a couple of citas this week where we are going to eat pizza. So
its pretty good here. We have one member that does our laundry every
week so we don’t have to waste 4 or 5 hours of our week. And we are
moving into our new apartment on Friday. The bathroom is in the house
but the only sink is out back. I’ll send pictures and I'll draw a floor
plan for you mom. I haven’t gotten my package or anything else in the
mail. Elder Storey got one today so you can see when his mom sent it.
The mail gets to our ZLs every Friday and we get it Mondays on pday
but we call and ask what we got so its not a surprise on Monday. But
you guys can all send dear elders and mail they are both about the
same time to get here. I send a letter every week but the first week I
forgot to bring it to district meeting to get it sent so you should
get two here soon. And Kody if you are reading this I have had a
letter for you for almost 3 weeks but I didn’t want to send it to
Provo because I knew you guys were almost done with school. Whats your
home address??? Thanks bro. Well it sounds like everything is just
great back in the states. This week was pretty regular we are still
trying to catch the rat on our porch and we are just about ready to
move on Friday! We met with a couple families that we have been trying
to see for at least 2 weeks now, and they both have great potential.
Yesterday at church we had a short little earthquake. Just like on or
two big shakes and nothing else. It was cool and everyone talked about
it yesterday during the day hahaha. I thought a big truck was driving
by until my bench moved. But it was different. I don’t really have any
pictures for this week. I’ll send some from zone conference and from
the temple maybe next week. But the time is definitely starting to fly
by and I am enjoying the work here. I’m so excited for buds leaving on
their missions in the next couple of months and I’m excited to hear
when the rest of you get your calls where you are all going (Dan,
Tanner). Write me letters! Send me dear elders Porfa!


Elder Kilts

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