Friday, February 3, 2012

Week Two in the MTC

Hey whats up mi amigos. I've been here for more than a week now and I'm loving it more and more. And yes mom my testimony IS growing I hope you didn't email your missionary moms about that. 1st I'd like to say happy birthday Jake! I hope it's a great day for you especialy as you get to pass the sacrement now! And bueno suerte (good luck) in your basketball games! Mom send my new license too with everything you are already going to send. And a couple of fitted sheets would be greatly appriciated the ones they provide sometimes shrink too much in the was. We got new ones yesterday and it was too small so when i woke up this morning my sheet had somehow magically made it onto the floor in my slumber. And mom also SEND me those pictures. Don't email them I cant find a printer anywhere. And I these computers wont let me upload any so the picture machine in the bookstore just got working today so yall will get some pictures in the mail those that have asked. And I will write people back today its my p-day so if I've gotten something from you recently I'll write back today. Sam I would rather have you send it not put it in my account and Zack I would like you to send that adapter since you found it. Mom also my Branch President said we should have a copy of our call letters so please make a copy and send it, and put the real one somewhere safe. Derek congrats on the mission call! I'm so excited for you it's going to be great when we all finally meet up and can talk in spanish. Dan you had better go spanish speaking so you can speak with Kody and Derek and me lol ;) Mom, where's spencer going I believe he opened his call yesterday I need to know! And someone please tell me who wins the super bowl! Anyways the spanish is definatly coming. We are heavily relying on the spirit when we teach our investigator. Me and elder Hatch always end up teaching something COMPLETELY different from what we planned and in espaƱol too so we definately couldn't do it on our own we definatly have lots of help. Tuesday night was the 50th anniversary of the MTC so for the fireside we heard from Jeffrey R. Holland and Russel M. Nielson. We were like, no more than 20 yards away from the pulpit it was quite awesome and theres a funny story that goes along with how we got those seats but I dont have mmuch time. They talked a lot about the MTC and that last year they hit the 1,000,000th missionary mark, and that 650,000 of those have gone throught the MTC. There was a lot of talk about standing on the shoulders of those that have been before us. And it's totally true there are so many people that have paved the way yet there is still so many people that need to hear the gospel which is why we need to work hard even yall at home. This is definately a great place to be and being here and hearing from apostales and feeling the spirit has definately convinced me that this is the true church and that Joseph smith really did restore the gospel and I know that I am not wasting my time here. I cant wait to get to Guatemala (in 12 days!!!) and to be there preaching the gospel and I thank you all for your support in my leaving for two years.
-Elder Kilts

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