Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey so we don’t get to go to the temple tomorrow… We can only go on
Tuesdays and our ZLs have a meeting tomorrow, so we went to the
central market. Nothing really caught my eye but we got to eat at
Wendy’s and I have a whole 21 months to decide what I want. We should
be going to the temple next change so that should be good but we
definitely enjoyed it in the market. Zone conference was great. We
learned a lot that is going to help us in the work plus the
president’s wife, Hermana Watts, made delicious cinnamon rolls. We finally
got to move into our new house and we just love it. There is a
little more space and it is just soooo much cleaner and has no rats.
And our old house was right by the main road so at about 530 or 6 we
would get woken up by busses and traffic and everything else. In our
new house we are in this guarded residential area and there are no
through roads so it is soooo quiet and I have been getting lots more
rest. The only thing is the shower is cold and the house is very hot.
But we can deal with it. Sometimes the cold water is really refreshing
and it really wakes me up in the morning. It just takes me about a
minute to be able to stand under the water but after that I’m fine. We
put a baptismal date with two people. The one person is a mother and
one of her daughters accepted to so that is our two dates for now. We
just have to get the mother married for her to be baptized so we are
going to try to work with her husband. The zone leaders here actually
had to marry this couple before the husband could be baptized so we got
to see how we could do it and we met a few people to help us with
that. I got your package today thank you all so much it made my day
and I really do appreciate it. I’m so excited to get home and dig into
those jellybeans. I don’t have much more time because I got a slow
computer this week but I’ll try and go through and answer your
questions. Dad it sounds like you had a good time in your AD
conference. Did you get a nice rental car? Are you sure Spencer Richards gets
home in a couple weeks???? What the heck?!?!? Has it really
been 2 years? That scares me haha. And Conner is close too wow. I’m
pretty sure the whole bus thing is okay there’s nothing in the white
handbook and it shows how serious we are about these things haha. Have
fun out in Hooper tell everyone I said hi and tell Michael congrats
for me. Mom I haven’t had fleas yet and we have running water.
Usually. If we don’t one day we either go to another elders house or
we go without or do bucket showers. But no hot water. We don’t need to
boil our water we can buy clean water in there 5 gallon jugs like the
ones they have in water coolers in office buildings. It’s what
everyone uses and it is very safe. They also give all the Central
American missionaries filter bottles so I use that too. And I don’t
have flea collars but I spray myself with off every night. It sounds
like school is almost over and I am so excited for you all. Mother’s
day is actually going to be on the 13th so ill have more info in a
week. That’s all the time I have. Have a great week and enjoy the nice
spring weather!!
Love – Elder Kilts

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