Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey I'm sending this to both addresses so you guys have a better
chance of getting it. I’m glad you guys are down at the cabin
I wish I could be there too I miss it so much (please fix the
snowmobiles). This week was pretty good. We are still reaping the
fruits of our amazingly successful week a couple weeks ago. We had 3
investigators in sacrament meeting for the first time yesterday and we
have put baptismal dates with 2 of them, a married couple who
is the bishop's cousin and that has helped us so
much. But we are definitely enjoying the work. I completed 4 months
just a few days ago and 5 doesn't seem too far in the future. I only
have 3 more weeks with Elder Llewelyn so we are going to work hard to
get them baptized on the 16th, our last Saturday together.
I think it is going to happen. Another family's baptismal date fell,
but it is very hard to get with them so we have to work hard to meet
with them and to get them married so we can baptize them. That’s
really our only star investigator families. I’m having a lot of fun
but I’m working hard too. We just keep getting deeper and deeper into
the rainy season, I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun but it
had definitely cooled off a ton. It doesn’t rain all the time. Yet.
But the storms are getting worse and worse and there are more and more
every day. Like it looks like it is going to storm in the next hour or
two. I love it though with my little umbrella and my ziplock bags. But
we have our first missionary mall casualty; my backpack strap rubbed
against one of my shirts too much and now there is a hole. I put
packing tape on the strap to prevent this on my other shirts. I'll
send a picture. Everything else is holding up though. I want someone
to look up a lot of spanish jokes for me and send them please the kids
love them and I would love some recipes too especially with rice. And
I want pictures of graduation and stuff that would be nice. Well I
love you all and I hope you all have a great week up at the cabin.
Drive safe and enjoy your summer! Love, Elder Kilts

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