Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 14, 2012

We had a great conversation with Elder Kilts on the phone. We put the phone on speaker and sat around and talked together. We all had a minute to talk alone then I had my mom minutes at the end. He sounds in good spirits and has a tiny latino accent that I'm sure will get stronger as time goes by!

Hey it was great to talk to you all yesterday that was probably the
fastest 45 minutes of my life… You guys all sounded so great and it
was great to hear your voices and I’m sure Christmas will be here
before you know it and me, I’ll be talking to you all again. This week
has been hard for some reason. We had a hard time getting members

to leave with us and it just seems like our appointments fell through a
lot. But we have some great plans for this week and the bishop’s wife
called last night and they have a great family for us to teach. So we
are pretty stoked to teach them tonight. And we might get hot water
sometime in the next week or two. We got this thing called a
calientador which is a big shower head that plugs into the electricity
and heats our water instantly. We had one in the old house and it
should be nice to get a hot shower again. And the mission offices
Elder Joshua Kilts
Mision Guatemala Norte
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

And I got both letters today; they both entered the Guatemalan postal
system on the same day even though you sent them two days apart. It
was so great to get letters. The weather here is changing a lot. It
is starting to rain more and more and soon it is just going to rain
all the time. Winter here starts in May. It’s not because it gets
colder (because it doesn’t) it’s because it just rains all the time. I
had probably one of the most weirdest things yesterday to drink at a
member’s house. It was oatmeal (here it’s called ‘’Mush’’) flavored
and it kinda smelled like playdough. But it wasn’t too bad. In the
house we like to drink sprite or orange juice and also Gatorade. I am
so happy they have Gatorade here. There is a store called Pais where
it’s just all imported stuff from the US but we don’t have one in my
zone so I have never been. The closest one is right across the street
from our zone. The street is the zone boundary. But we love to find
American food here. Like Kraft mac and cheese and jiff peanut butter.
And I’ve even found where I can get some kinder brand Swiss chocolate.
We love American stuff here. We eat pizza hut or McDonalds about once
a week, and when we go to the temple we can go to either Wendy’s ihop
or chilis. If you know where to look you can get some good stuff here.
It is definitely great here and I love the work so very much and it’s
so worth the sacrifices. Jake thanks for always keeping me updated on
how much longer I have until I get back, and you all look a little bit
older in those pictures. Except mom and grandma I think you are both
getting younger ;) I love getting pictures and mail too. My companion
loved the pictures of me and him thanks Emily and I will draw you a
picture! Zack you look so grown up in you senior pictures and Sam I
saw that little ‘’gang sign’’ in that one picture haha ;) Jake I can’t
believe mom let you grow your hair out that long. Emily you look just
a bit older but don’t grow up too fast because I’m not there! It was
great talking to you all yesterday and It totally just made my day and
my week. And I can’t believe it’s almost been 4 months! It really does
seem like you guys just dropped me off just barely but I’ve been in
this country for exactly 3 months today! Well that’s about all the
time I have for today and it was so great to get a phone call, letter,
and an email from yall all in like 2 days. Can’t wait till Christmas
to do it again! Have a great week and work hard in school only 2 weeks
left right? Love you all and don’t forget to write!
Elder Kilts

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