Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 17, 2012

Hey how is it going? I'm sorry you have to go to school so early. I
guess it just makes the weekends even more enjoyable. Has Zack gotten
his license yet? Sam told me they were doing that new for the Strength
of Youth thing. Maybe when they come out you can send me one? Tell
Michael I said congratulations and let me know where he is being sent
when he gets his call.
This week has gone by very fast. I don't even remember most of it and I'm sure
I'll be out in the field before I even know it. I'm getting very excited only about
9 or 10 days left! The Spanish is definitely coming. I blessed the
sacrament this last Sunday and a couple days ago I did a temple
session in Spanish. I could understand most of what was said and I
learned a lot of vocabulary. We are teaching lots of lessons. And we
even have an actual nonmember that we are teaching. He works at the
cafeteria and he said he would go tochurch with us on Sunday.
We get to go out proselyting on Monday but
we won't have a native companion this time, just me and my north
American companion. I'm very excited it will be the 3rd time I get to
go out into the city. We also have our orientation this week. I don't
know what that is all about but it is supposed to help us get ready
for the field. We are learning lots in our classes and we are getting
great experience here. I totally love it here but I can't wait to get
out into the field. I really hope my first area is up north in the
jungle but I'll be happy to go wherever I go. I'm excited to meet the
mission president as well, and to maybe get more time for email every
week. Three missionaries came to visit the CCM here yesterday. They had
all been out in the field for about a year and they were serving in
the Guatemala city central mission. When I told them I was going to
the north they told me I was very lucky and they have heard lots of
cool things about my mission. The general consensus among them about
Spanish was they all considered themselves fluent after about 6
months. I can't wait until I can consider myself fluent and I know I
will learn lots more Spanish out in the field. I don't have any more
time. So thank you all for your support and I hope to hear from you!
Send all letters to the mission home address (posted). If you use
fedex to send mail it gets here in about 4 or 5 days and it costs
about $1.50 or $2. Thanks, love you all

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