Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elder Kilts arrives in Guatemala!

Hey sorry about cutting you off Tuesday night my time ran out but it
was great talking to you. We got here at about 6:30 on Wednesday
morning the flight was pretty good. We got to eat breakfast and they
let us sleep until lunch. It´s great here the food is awesome. For
breakfast on Wednesday we had eggs and sausage and fried bananas. The
fresh fruit here is awesome in the one hour of gym that I have had
here I learned that I will be playing lots of soccer. I would say
about 60% of the people here are Latinos. We´re like the sharks and
the jets. Except we all get along and sit by eachother in the
cafeteria and we are cool with eachother. Guatemala is very beautiful.
Its very green and lush and hilly. There are lots of birds if you can
here them over the honking of the horns outside. I love it here, I

think I'll stay for 2 years :P We are learning a lot of spanish the
goal for next week is to be teaching at least 20 lessons. in spanish.
every day. its coming though. We had a branch presidency meeting to
welcome everyone in the new branch and us norte americanos had to use
translators to understand what was being said. Its crazy to be the
only ones I know of that are in this country and don´t speak good
spanish. We only have 15 minutes tonight so I can´t write much more. I
think I don't get email time again until a week from Saturday so you
will hear from me then.  Bye!
                       My new adress (they dont have enter buttons
here so i will do a new line with a \. And do not use elder) Joshua
Fred Kilts\Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, zona 15\Vista hermosa I.
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

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