Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

So things are going really great here. I’m enjoying my new area a lot and I am loving the people a ton. Yes we are still having the baptism this week so all they have to do is pass the interview on Friday. Let’s all cross our fingers, I think if they are supposed to get baptized the spirit will help them. My first Sunday wasn’t bad at all. The chapel here is super nice it’s just that there is tile instead of carpet. But it would be considered a beautiful church anywhere in the world which is cool. There were only about 90 members there so there aren’t many people but other than that it’s pretty normal. And it is a ward and we have a good stake here in Molino. We had 3 investigators with us at church and they all seemed like they had a good time. Easter is pretty chill for the LDS people here. But for all the Catholics it is a week long holiday called holy week. Everyone here gets Wed. through Sunday off of work. They have little parades where they will carry big crosses or statues of Jesus and they will sing and it is pretty strange. It is hard to find anyone at home and all the people we contacted out in the street were from out of our area. But life is back to normal here. We didn’t really do anything here. I found some jellybeans in the store and so I opened those up yesterday for Easter, but we really didn’t do much. It sounds like everyone back at home had a great Easter. Sam you are lucky I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. And I wish I could have been at home with all of you for Easter it sounded like fun. I have not gotten my package yet, when did you send it? I will let you know when I get it. So my companion has been out for 13 months. He started off here in the cap in zone 18 and he was there for 6 months and then went to Polochik in Koban. And then he came here and he is the DL. My area is probably 3 or 4 miles wide and 2 or 3 long. We have a huge hill in the middle and low areas on two sides of the hill. And we aren’t sure but there is another hill on the border of zones 6 and 18 and it has a good number of houses but we aren’t sure if it is in our area. You can look it up on google earth if you want. It’s a neighborhood but there is no space in-between the houses and there are no lawns or anything. So LOTS of houses and people; they are squeezed in here like sardines. We have a good strong handful of investigators and a few that are new or dwindling. A typical day is wake up at 6:30, work out shower and eat breakfast, personal study from 8-9, comp. study from 9-11, language study from 11-12, proselyte from 12-1, lunch for an hour, and proselyte after lunch until 9 when we come home and have dinner (if we haven’t already been fed) and plan. Pdays we go shopping in the morning, go to the church at 10 for a few hours to play soccer, we come here and email, then we go to eat somewhere and shop for whatever we need and hang out with the district and we hit the streets at 6. And we are going to see a house tomorrow and if we don’t like it we are going to move into this newish small one. So only a few more days in our dirty cockroach nest. Anyway I can't send pictures today, I forgot my camera, but hopefully next week I can send some of the baptism! I can only send photos thru email as far as I know. We can't really go on other sights. And yes mom I'm well taken care of. I have a brand new pillow and I have plenty of bedding stuff. And I might take all of the money off of my card because it costs $2 here to do it and everyone just uses cash so I will just get it all out at once one of these days. Thanks for all you guys do and I hope to hear from you all. Send me lots of letters and dear elders it really does make my day to get that stuff! And mom you can give my email out to family and friends that is probably more convenient for most people and I will just answer back in a letter. Love you all!!! –Elder Kilts

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